Dr. Kim Osborne  was born in Charlotte, NC.  She is the seventh of eight children and she grew up just
outside of Youngstown, Ohio.  In 1987 she graduated high school with honors from Niles McKinley.  She
received her Bachelor's of Science degree with a premed emphasis in May of 1992 at Youngstown State

Her first daughter, Brittany,  was born in August of 1992, in Ohio before relocating to Rockford,
Illinois.  Bethany, her second child was born in July of 1995.  In 1997, Brianna was born.  In 1999
Benjamin her fourth child was born at home  and Brooklynn was born in 2001, also at home.

Shortly after the birth of her third daughter, Brianna she became seriously ill.  
After a long and very disheartening experience with "traditional medicine", the Lord sent them to Dr.
Jim Warner, a local chiropractor.  In a matter of visits,  he was able to turn her entire clinical picture
around.  This began the Osborne family's journey into alternative medicine.  Today, Dr. Osborne's
passion is to return the gift that was given to her family in 1998.

Dr. Osborne returned to school in August of 2003 at National University of Health Sciences.  She
received her Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine in December of 2006.  During that time, she also received
specialized training in acupuncture, botanical medicines and women's health.  Dr. Osborne
received advanced proficiency rating from Activator Methods Inc.in October of 2005.  She became certified
in Family Practice in November of 2008.  Currently,  Dr. Osborne is completing her National board exams
for her Diplomate from the American Board of Chiropractic Internist.  
Dr. Osborne is a member of the
American Chiropractic Association, Illinois State Chiropractic Association,  and the  
Christian Chiropractors Association.

Today Dr. Osborne practices in downtown Rockford.  Her oldest daughter has joined her passion and
vision to share health and wellness!  Health & Wellness to us is a family affair!
So, from our family... to yours, we welcome you to

Rockford Wellness & Diagnostic Center
Meet Dr. Kimberly Osborne
Ben 9 yrs.
Brooklynn 7 yrs.
(she is not 7
Brittany 19 yrs.
Bethany 16 yrs.
Brianna 14 yrs